Design Hotel in the Eixample

Soho is an acronym for Soft and Hot. Design, comfort, art and modernity

Design and Architecture

SOHO is an acronym for SOFT and HOT, showcasing a multiplicity of effects and aesthetic stimuli that steadily emerge and fade before the guest’s eyes. Both elements manifest themselves constantly through a backdrop emanating design, style, and originality, setting the atmosphere perfect for couples expecting a little more from their stay in Barcelona.

The hotel’s design is based on the simplicity of the straight line and the contrast between competing styles, where retro elements contend with total modernity. Black is the grounding color that envelops the hotel’s interior spaces, mixing with warm colors, like oranges or reds that slowly fade into purples.


HOTEL SOHO’s careful design marks a unique achievement in the hospitality panorama of the city, offering a cosmopolitan, minimalist, and sophisticated character adorned with original and influential artworks.

A series of original artworks blend seamlessly into the hotel’s functionality, bringing forth new sensations and introducing new concepts through its structure and interior design. This is most palpable in the remarkable way works by various artists speak to one another throughout Hotel SOHO’s interiors. Featured artists include: 

Alfredo Arribas

Founder of AAAA (Alfredo Arribas Architecture Associates), a firm dedicated to architectural and urban projects, as well as interior and furniture design. He and his team are also behind the design of B-Hotel.

Franc Aleu

Visual artist, and regular contributor to the Fura del Baus, Franc has brought his artistic vision to the walls of Hotel Soho. The observer is completely absorbed by an arresting series of methacrylate panels that represent different parts of the human body, in which one might detect the shape of a hand, ear, face, torso…

Verner Panton

Danish architect and designer born in 1926. In the 1960s, Panton became the master of pop style with his revolutionary creations that touched on the whole gamut of objects related to interior design, architecture, and personal accessories. Markedly inspired by this style, Hotel Soho features the following works:

  • Wonderlamp pendant lamp Type H
  • Wonderlamp Type F
  • Spion & Panton Chair.

Etienne Krähenbühl

Swiss sculptor who plays with duality, contradiction, and opposites, finding balance between antagonistic concepts like monumentality and lightness, fragility and solidity, movement and stillness, sound and silence… Applying the laws of advanced physics, he creates aesthetically beautiful, musically harmonious, and optically defiant sculptures. Hotel Soho is pleased to have on display his sound sculpture:

  • Temps Suspendu Miroir (2007).