Discover green outdoor spaces in Barcelona.

Points of interest
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Jardins Cesar Martinell

An interior patio dedicated to architect César Martinell, and surrounded by galleries and balconies. The gardens, paved on one side in red cobblestone, boast a long row of benches for taking in the sun, as well as lush lawns and flowerbeds, and a tree-shaded playground.

  • direction: Villarroel, 60
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Jardins de Maria Matilde Almendros

Jardins de Maria Matilde Almendros (Calàbria, 90). Gardens named after Maria Matilde Almendros i Carcasona, actress and Catalan radio personality, and with a lovely playground area.

  • direction: Calàbria, 90
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Jardins de Tete Montoliu

Gardens named after Vicenç Montoliu i Massana, renowned Catalan jazz pianist. Located in a restored interior patio, these gardens also offer a lovely playground area.

  • direction: Sepúlveda, 88
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Jardins Paula Montal

Gardens named after Paula Montal Fornés, the religious Catalan founder of the Religiosas de les Escoles Pies (Escapolies). These gardens, located in a small and peaceful interior patio, is equipped with playground and ping-pong tables.

  • direction: Viladomat, 149
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Jardins Emma de Barcelona

Inside what was once the asylum run by the Hermanitas de los Pobres (1881), this garden gives the distinct sense of being a secret spot. Enclosed by thick stone walls, the vegetation is lush, and from your seat on benches made from age-old stone, you can admire the alabaster sculpture of the virgin with a crown of stars. 

  • direction: Comte Borrell, 157
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Plaça del Doctor Letamendi

Gardens named after Josep de Letamendi i de Manjarrés, the renowned 19th century doctor, writer, poet, and Catalan music composer.

  • direction: Plaça del Doctor Letamendi
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Beaches of Barcelona

Barcelona boasts over 5km of fully-equipped waterfront area: check out the beaches of Sant Sebastià, la Barceloneta, Nova Icària, Bogatell, Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella.